Monday, October 31, 2016

MooSteer goes to camp!

It's a bittersweet day!

Eighteen months ago MooSteer became a part of our farm. He's one of the prettiest steers I've seen with those markings around his eyes. He's gotten into his fair share of trouble, but I've learned that every bovine likes a bit of mischief!

Really?  You think this is going to work??
His funniest "vice" was my right elbow. I'm not sure why it tasted better than everything else, ma perhaps for the short (week) time I bottle fed him it was under that arm?? But whenever I was in the pasture or nearby, he'd have to lick my elbow   goofy steer!
Not going to happen this way either!

He's been loved and spoiled. Hershey never weaned him (we tried at 6 months but she was content with letting him continue. So up until we were ready to load him up today, he was on mama milk!

My friend and fellow farm-her loaned me her trailer and came with us to take him to camp. She's been at this a "minute" more n me.  And is such a great friend to have. She knows the drill and kept me laughing so I wouldn't start bawling.

I've had it said to me SO many can I eat an animal I've raised?  What do you think the life of your hamuerger at the grocery store had?  Most likely not one filled with mama milk and big green pastures.  Not a life with "scritchy-scratches" and garden treats.

He has had a pretty good life for a cow.  Not raised on concrete or in a feed lot. Is it easy?  No.  It's very sobering to be the one that makes a call to put an end to another creatures life.  However, we give them a happier life, knowing that ultimately, he will go to nourish our family.

Good-bye MooSteer!  Thank you and we love you!

By the way, he ended up weighing 1024 pounds 
(about 100 pounds more than most Jersey Bulls/Steers)

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