Monday, October 10, 2016

The festival was a rousing success!

The day started out VERY windy as all the vendors rolled in to set up!  REALLY windy!

We had 12 vendors all together.  One had pneumonia and two were just no shows :(  But all the feedback I've had is that we had a really nice variety of items.

Unfortunately, everyone on the homestead was so busy that very few pictures were taken.  Man did manage to get a few while we were setting up.

Boy and Pawpa directed traffic and also went out to re-set up the signs that all got knocked over in the wind.  Nana, ReynBFF and I manned the produce, jelly, and bake tables.  Man was large and in charge of the BBQ!  CityMouse was set up across from me with her jewelry.

The wind stopped and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Before it all started (a few days before) I had thought that this would be the last...(TN is not nice at all) but after the day, I think maybe I will just have to figure out new strategies to make it happen!

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Elizabeth said...

I hope it is not the last! :) I so enjoy it. Have you come up with new strategies yet?!
and no picture of the roaming cow, unfortunately! lol