Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 1 of the 52-week challenge

Welcome to 2017
As you know I am trying to get done lots of challenges this year. One of them is the 52 Week challenge that I am doing with some friends on Facebook.
The first week's challenge is countertops and the sink in the kitchen. I took on the challenge today and got it all done in one day mainly because I have lots of other challenges to get done this week. As I cleaned and scrubbed and moved things around to get the dust off, I thought "why do I have so many knick knacks?" As I picked up each one I thought about who gave them to me. I guess I'm sentimental. I can tell you who gave me each thing in my window, on top of my refrigerator, and on my walls. So each item got lovingly dusted and put it back.

I did manage to find three things to send to Goodwill. I filled up half of a trash bag. The pictures before and after may not seem like much of a change however I feel really good about today's work.

 Here is the sink stove and counters.
  And this is the other set of counters by the refrigerator I did also clean on top of the refrigerator and all the junk that was on it with magnets, including all the menus which I put in a folder with my cookbooks for the subliminal message not to order out!!
 After!! Ta-da!


Kerry Aulger said...

Nice job!!!

Joy Tiller said...

I live right around the corner from you, you did such a fantastic job I'm inviting you over to do mine! Lol