Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Blessing of Family...

My sister and I have never really been close.  The age difference, living in different cities, and everything seemed to cause that.

This past holiday season, I thought that it needed to end.  So she came out for Thanksgiving...and then for Christmas.  Since then she (and her dog, Buddy) have been coming out and helping me with various areas of the farm.  She is a great motivator.  She works really hard and we get going on a task and it gets done.

Whereas Boy will not listen to his mom, he will listen to his Aunt.  His Aunt listens to what I'm trying to get through to him and then SHE says it and he listens....oh well, whatever it takes!

We've helped clear up some space in the woodshop for Man.  We've recycled 2 truck loads of metal.  And today we tackled the storage room of the barn.  What.A.Mess!!!  I should have taken before pictures, and then after.  We aren't done, but now we can walk through the storage room.  We have big plans for a spring BARN SALE.  And hope to sell lots of stuff to get it!! (and the cash will go to the debt fund!)

Next week she and her friend are going to be helping with some improvements to the shop.  And I will have to motivate myself....sigh.  My goal is to get the pump house organized.  It is full of random boxes of computer stuff, homeschool stuff and boxes and boxes of jars.  Plus a bunch of stuff we "inherited." I have a bunch more homeschool boxes of stuff that need sold.  First will be the barn sale, then in June is our curriculum fair for our homeschool group.  Hopefully, someone can use all this stuff.  But in the meantime, it needs to go SOMEWHERE besides the kitchen counter and the top of the deep freeze.   It makes food prep a bit difficult!

Then, once I have a place to put all this stuff while we wait for the sale, the next big goal is the homeschool/scrapbook/JUNK room.  Right now, honestly, you cannot walk through it.  I am so ashamed.  I need help! 

Anyway, Thanks Casey for the help and motivation!!!

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Niki said...

I think it is great that you are getting things done, but i think it is especially great that you are doing them with your sis.
As i get older the age gaps between me and my sibs don't seem to mean as much, either.