Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Birthday....

I've been asked...what was my birthday like?  Not what I expected!

The not so nice but still a blessing is that the electrician came today to put in a new breaker box and fix the wiring in the house.  We didn't have power for 8 hours...but the wiring is safer.  We will have to wait until spring when they can come in with a trencher to get power back out to the outbuildings.

It looks as though we may have lost the majority of our bees this winter.  It's been a really.really hard winter. But we will see once it warms up.  Supposed to be mid 50s later this week!

Cooked my own birthday dinner...but fixed my favorite...Chicken Chimichangas. YUM!

Had a beautiful message on my cell phone from my Mommy!  She sang me Happy Birthday.  I'm such a sap it made me cry!

Found out that  two of the scrapbook stores that I have recently been to (and they gave no indications while there) went out of business in the first week of February.  But a Hobby Lobby opened up where I drive at least 3 times a week.

Then, the "heathens" I work with threw me a birthday party!  I've been making brownies or cake for various friends at work and they all decided to pay it back.  One brought brownies, another brought me a planter with flowers, another my favorite kind of cookies, another punch,  yet another brough 4 kinds of chips and 2 different dips and 2 bottles of pop!  Finally one slipped me a dollar and said he wanted to treat me to a snack in the vending machine but didn't know my favorite.  How's that???

Even when things aren't's all in how you look at it.  I was made to feel very special in a place where I like to be the least.  Things are flipped around crazy right now and I'm trying to make sense of it all.  Personally, in the areas that I should feel confident and loved...I don't see it.  So, I realize this is a crazy post, but I'm confused and trying to sort it out.

I see my blessings...but right now things that I felt were the blessings in my life, have had some of the glimmer rubbed off and the banes of my life today became a joy.  Hmmm...

I can't say I have my health...I've had some serious issues come up in the last 30 days (besides the sinus infection).  I do have my family, but after being in the house for 11 days, I think they need to see less of me. (grin). In recent weeks, I've disconnected from many of the people, things, and activities that I hold dear.  And I miss them...but.....

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Niki said...

What a surprising development at work. I'm so happy that they embraced showing you that you matter even in a place that you hate.