Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The miracle of the power line!

Two weeks ago, we had an issue with the power line that goes out to the security light, the coop and the barn.  Keep in mind our farm house is 105+ years old.  When they put the power in, it was somewhat random.  On the circut that has the outbuildings also has the sub-box that is in Boy's room that runs ALL the lights in the house (and many of the outlets).

On that morning, I was getting things together to take to my dear friend's house (and one of Boy's BFF).  She had a beautiful baby boy the previous week and we were taking over meals and belated Christmas gifts and "stuff".  Then *poof* power out.  We checked the breaker box...and the one would buzz and then pop.  What???  Now if you are going to lose power, I suppose this is the way to do it.  We heat with wood, so that wasn't an issue.  The blower for the woodburner was was all the appliances and the deep freezer, so no lost food.  And the breaker for the woodshop was running so Man could still work.  We had ONE outlet that would still work so we could get the computer up and a lamp.

So, I left a message with the landlady and went on my way.  Two days later the electrician came out and seems that there is a problem with the line going out to the outbuildings, so that was cut off and the rest of the house was restored to power.  We knew that the line going out was somewhat unsafe and had asked our landlady to look into having it upgraded over the summer.  Apparently it was too expensive because after the electrician came out in July, we didn't hear any more about it.  Now it's freezing or below and it has to be addressed.  The lines come out above our kitchen and run parellel out to the light post.  It looks as though the insulation on the lines are gone and they are only a foot apart....perfect for arc-ing. 

OK, long story, I know...if you know me...have I ever told a short story??? :) Fast forward to yesterday.  A HUGE storm came through and left about 3/4 inch of ice on everything.  Followed by high winds.  Nice combo, eh?  So during the night the power went off and on a few times.  Luckily we are in a very small rural electricity co-op and so things get restored fairly quickly.

However, we awoke to many tree limbs (large) down all over the yard.  Including one that came down over the power lines between the house and the light post!  One of the lines was pulled out of the house and was laying on the roof of the porch....over the ground...over the wooded picket fence....over the wooden wishing well....out to the post.  The other has the branch still hanging from it.

Had it been two weeks earlier, that line would have been live and because of the bad shape it was in with the missing insulation....our house likely would have caught on fire...and did I mention our house is 105+ years old....old wood...instant kindling??  Yep...there is the blessing and the miracle of us losing power two weeks before everyone else did. 

The line is still laying on the roof....waiting for above freezing weather and well, the ice to melt before getting taken care of.

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Niki said...

Glad it all worked out.
BTW, love the new tag cloud under the title.