Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Doesn't the title sound cheery? 

It does not fit my mood.  I almost have taxes done...don't ask, it's a train wreck.
I'm off to the doctor again today.  Sigh.

Finally got a load of firewood this weekend.  Yeah!  HEAT!  (We've been out of wood since last Tuesday) And I did pick up my wheat this weekend!  No more running to Whole Paycheck Foods.  It's a good thing too as there is still 4 days til payday$43 in the checking account.  And we're out of chicken feed.  Hmmm.

I know it's a lot to take on, but I am thinking of a garage sale in two weeks.  The "Let's Pay the Tax Man" Sale in the's on my 101 list!  We can do and  some Aleve and other pharma-friends!

1 comment:

Niki said...

YEA heat!
I think a "pay the tax man" barn sale is a great idea, but definately have the boys do the lifting.