Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Babies!

I can't recall if I ever mentioned that three of our Muscovy hens went broody this spring.  They are all ducklings that were hatched out by one of our ducks Brownie.  So they are "first generation" to our farm.  After the first went broody, we calculated her hatch date sometime around Memorial Day. 

On Memorial Day Monday, she hatched out 2 ducklings.  Unfortunately, one didn't make it right off, and the second drowned the next day.  (You must be careful around water, wear your safety gear)

The same morning we found the poor unfortunately duckling that had not made it out of the pool, we discovered the other duck had safely brought her clutch into the world.  5 ducklings.  It's officially been a week today and we still have 5.  We are calling this one a success.

The last duck is still patiently waiting.  Her nest is under one of the rabbit cages in the barn.  It's the rabbit cage that the kittens go in to eat their food (The big chickens LOVE kitten food).  It's very cute as we have the door ajar and a blanket hanging over the door.  The kittens climb up the blanket to get in to eat.  A few weeks ago, my Boy brought me Molly...now known as Timmy (I told you...we are not cat people!) and all the hair was missing from his tail...and it looked raw and terrible!  The duck apparently had nibbled all the hair off as his tail hung down in front of her face.  The cats and the duck are good pals now as they share a water dish, and I have seen Timmy curl up next to Mama3, the only one that seems to be able to get near her without getting snapped.

Anyway....back to the babies.  Boy has made a moat through the chicken yard.  And frequently fills it with water.  We have discovered that the new babies love to swim in the moat under the watchful eye of Mama2, Mama1, and the Daddies (Drake and DuckStew).  Sometimes the Maiden Auntie (the only female that didn't go broody this spring) will also watch.

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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