Friday, June 10, 2011

New Bunnies!

Last year we raised and bred Californian Rabbits.  Sadly we lost them all at various times to illness or...something....I really should read "Raising Rabbits for Dummies"! 

Anyway, we are starting again.  This time we are raising New Zealand Rabbits.  They are a bit bigger, still meat rabbits.  But they come in more colors, so this will be fun!

Over the weekend, I spent a most enjoyable hour with a gentleman that runs a tree farm.  Last year he got into rabbits, and his rabbitry is wonderful!  Completely an inspiration.  Me, not having funds to completely redo our rabbitry, I just bleached the cages we had, and let them dry in the sun.  From him, I purchased 4 rabbits to start our breeding program.  They are not quite to breeding age...they need another 6 weeks for that.  We got 3 "red" does, and a black buck.  They are Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, and Peter Rabbit.


Niki said...

new bunnies - yea!
i love bunnies

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm...yummmm....bunnies.....heeheehee...hey - they really aren't bad! they are pretty cute too!