Monday, July 16, 2012

One week later....

My hands are getting better (???)  Well, at least I can type now.  Holding a pencil or pen...not so much.  We've had Bess now for about 10 days.  We've had bad days...and better days.  The last few milkings I've done without tying her.  She gives me about 20 minutes to milk before she is ready to moooo-ve on.  I usually give her some sweet feed at that point, change where I am sitting and milk like mad to try to get her milked out.  See if you don't take the milk, the next day she will produce that much less.  So each day it would be less and less just have a great big smelly hay burner (although right now she is an expensive, not very accurate lawn mower.)

I don't think there are any picture of me milking yet.  I told my grandfather the same thing my cousin and I joke around about....I need a full time camera man to just follow me around and take pictures for the blog....and then I need a typist to put all my thoughts onto the blog as I am always blogging in my head, but never seem to have time to stop and DO it!'s crazy busy here!  I have been off of work for quite some time.  With the doctor restrictions I have not been able to find anything within (or out) of the company that I can do.  (I need a job that I can change my position frequently-no extended standing, sitting, or walking.  Limited talking.  And if I have a seizure-I may need to lay down to sleep it off or take the anti-seizure stuff that knocks me out.)  I have in my mind, if there is something that I could do data entry and have to do a certain amount per day, but am not limited to just a certain 8 hours -so I might do it in 10-11 hours, say.  And I could do it 90% from home....I could do that.  I am working with HR to see if such a position could do that.  I am doubtful.  I have until the end of July.  (Yes, 2 week.) to find such a job.  I am also needing to do my final appeal to the Long Term Disablity Insurance.

My Man has taken over a lot of the garden work and spends most evenings weeding and watering.  The mornings picking and grumbling that the ducks keep getting into the garden and eating the cucumbers (Anyone need a duck or two??).  He's also gotten VERY interested in the rabbitry.  We picked up two more rabbits to add to our breeding program.  And the most recent set of bunnies are almost old enough for freezer camp.  Speaking of camp,  Boy went to camp last week (NOT freezer camp!!) and then came home with a cold.  I am hoping to get him back into the helping routine. 

My mom completely tore her rotator cuff and had to have surgery.  So I've been going down to their house 3 times a week to help them out.  It's actually been nice spending time with them and with my Grandfather who lives down the street.  He is obsessed with my cow and keeps telling me that now I need two pigs.  (with leashes--that will make sense once I get the whole story up here!)  Later today...I mostly promise (WINK).  I cook for the 3 of them, then come home and cook here.  Laundry here and there.  Cleaning there...not so much here, but trying to do better with that....but.....

Typing all that makes me realize the time, I have to get going and get some stuff done in the next 20 minutes before I leave for the "city'.

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