Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fast & Easy Appetizers (Part 3) - Pepper Trees

This is quite possibly one of the easiest appetizers!

All you need is cream cheese, a Jam or two, and crackers!

I like to use our Pepper Jams and Cowboy Candy.
the pepper jams are sweet (and made with sweet bell peppers) so it isn't hot, but does have a pepper taste.
The Cowboy Candy, on the other hand, is sneaky hot!!  It is sweet the moment you put it in your mouth, but then the jalapenos come back and kick ya.  The cream cheese does calm it down some.

You can just put out a square block of cheese and then dump the jam or peppers over it, or...

You can be fancy!
Cut it on the diagonal...

Then place them together.
Wet your fingers to smooth the line between the two blocks. 

Then put the peppers over the cheese and serve with crackers (Triskets hold up better than Ritz type of crackers, but your choice.)

Finished picture will be posted after the broadcast.

Also, if you would like to order some of the Pepper Jams or Cowboy Candy, contact me through the "about me" or Like "Cackleberry Hollow" on Facebook and message me there!

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