Saturday, November 5, 2016

The big reveal! Boy is 16!!

Unbelieveably our guy is now 16 years old.  He's getting his driving in to get his license.  He sings bass.  He's over 6 feet tall (And very handsome, in my unbiased mommy opinion.)

I wanted to do a big "To Do" for the special day, but he's more low-key.

But as I alluded to the other day...I did work on a monumental (to me) project for his special day. Since he was 3,  he would hand me shirts and ask me to put the "in the memory box so my kids can wear em" For two cycles of the 101 list (so about 6 years now), I've wanted to make those shirts into something special. A t-shirt quilt.  

I found a great group on Facebook and after reading their posts and seeing their pictures, I jumped in.  3-12 hour days later and a blister on the knuckle of my middle finger (isn't that odd??) it was ready a day early!  Good thing too, because we actually did a festival ON his birthday.

And as my Man says...that 1-oh-done!

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Anonymous said...

That is so fun! Love ain't!