Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keim Lumber

The WHOLE family took Friday off (Man almost never gets a day off!!) to go to Keim Lumber's Anniversary Sale.  Keim is one of the biggest, neatest lumber/hardware stores you may ever see.  It's up in Amish country about 2 hours away from the farm. 

Even more fun, dear friends of ours came too!  Actually, they drove.  We had both the dads, both the moms and 3 kids.  We went to Guissenberg cheese (one of our standard stops when in Amish country), but because it was early on a weekday, we did get to see them making their famous "baby swiss" cheese.

Then off to Keim.

Here's boy and, from what they say, my future DIL.

Boy, DIL, and her older sister.Shopping.

Silly kids!

Then off to lunch at our favorite restaurant, Der Dutchman.

It was a fun, out of the ordinary day!!!

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kerrya said...

You are right! What a silly kid I have! The pictures turned out great! Can I get coppies? We need to plan a scrap booking day...soon!