Sunday, April 25, 2010


This morning, our beloved Stormy, Boy's Dog, was hit and killed by a truck in front of our house.  We are all heartbroken and having a hard time functioning without our little smiling friend.  He was the only dog we've ever seen that would pull his lips back and smile.  His sister, Kristl, is also having a very hard time. 

I know that a pet loss isn't as tragic as some things, but it is still very hard, especially on a young boy whose best friend is now gone.  Plus it was so sudden, not like with Freckles that was with us for 17 years.  We only had 2 years with Stormy and we were looking forward to 4H with him and agility training.

Rest In Peace, Stormy

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Niki said...

So sorry for all of you.