Saturday, May 22, 2010

MORE New Additions...

We added 2 more Holland Lop bunnies that will eventually be used to breed pets for others. 

Boy picked out "Spot".  He will be our breeding about 4 months.  Right now he is only 5.5 weeks old and just weaned from his litter.  He is very small and very CUTE!!  He is what is considered a "Broken Tort."  Which technically means brown spotted.

We also added a bargain breeder.  Our rabbit mentor had this sweet Lop that only has 1/2 an ear on one side.  When she was being born, her mama tried to pull her out by her ear and ripped it.  She was the only kit to survive from her litter.  She can't be shown, but she will make a nice breeder.  Her color is called "Frosted Point"  She doesn't have the full points to be called "Sable Point".  We named her "Frosty".  She will take a trip back to her first home in about a month to be breed with a "Broken Black" Lop.  About the time she is ready for her second litter, in the fall we can put her with Spot.

We also took our mentors is not likely that Sweetie (Black Doe Lop that we got from my boss) will breed as she may be too old.  She is a maiden.  Most rabbits need to breed by 6-8 months otherwise they will not breed.  But she suggested rather than wait for Spot (another 4 months) to go ahead and breed her with Robby and see if it takes. So.....Robby spent 5/21 with Meg (who didn't take this time-this is her last chance before becoming dinner) and 5/22 with Sweetie.  Tune in at the end of June to find out how we did!

And so the count goes up!!

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