Monday, May 10, 2010

What a MONDAY!!

Longer explaination later, but....was told that W'ville house is closing May 15th...not June 15th....PANIC

Good..Molly kindled!! WOOHOO

Then spent the day packing up and moving stuff from the W'ville house.  On our last trip out to the farm....on the side of I-71...during rush hour...this happened....

And while waiting for Roadside Assistance...the battery decided to die too.

Luckily I had already called in to work not sick but "INSANE."


Niki said...

what is that furry picture?

Rea said...

The naked pink things are baby bunnies...the fur is what the mama pulls out of her own fur to keep them warm.

Niki said...

Baby bunnies!!!
(and my verification word for this comment is "corrot" teehee)