Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Happy First Day of May!

Well, we're off to a good start at least.  Today was warmish...and only some sprinkles...waiting for the storm to go through tonight and then they promise a few days of no rain.  That'd be nice.  I'd love to send some of this wet to Texas where they need it.

This morning was a nice morning at church, followed by not much of anything.  I was hoping to go down to a really great friend of my's Surprise 40th Birthday Party, but alas, I had a pretty good attack and had to sleep it off and missed it.  Dang!

We got 25 eggs today, and we ate eggs and asparagus for breakfast...both right from out of the yard!  I looked into getting a few cows today.  Still waiting to hear from the one guy and the other I haven't emailled yet as he has two bottle babies and I'm waiting to hear from the one with the cow already in milk....We had a big wind storm three nights ago (60-70 mph winds) and so today I walked around the farm and found a big tree down on one of the few fences that didn't need repaired (of course-grin) and another down out by the chicken house.  No animal losses-Thank you God for watching out for our critters.

We've been wondering why cars slow down in front of our house....first it was because of the potholes that would take out your front it's because either they are watching the ducks playing in the makeshift pond at the end of the driveway.will get a picture of that tomorrow!...or because the ducks think they own the road...and...take...their...time...crossing....  I think I am going to have to go to a sign shop and get a duck crossing safety sign to put up!

Tomorrow, I plan to post why I removed the Martin House from my 101 list.

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Niki said...

i'd love to see pics of the ducks...