Monday, May 2, 2011

Why #62 was changed on the list

Originally on my 101 list was "Put up a Martin House." In doing some research, I've discovered that the Martins are not actually quite what I've been lead to believe....

#1 Martins fly and catch insects during the day....mosquitoes fly at really only the mosquitoes that are not wrapped right actually get caught by Martins.

#2 Martins DO catch insects during the day...but the majority of their diet are the beneficial bugs of the garden.

#3 Martins catch Martins on the Wallace Homestead!  We like our bees!

In exchange, I have changed #62 to hang two bat houses. 

#1 Bats DO fly at night...and eat those pesky skeeters!

#2 Bats do not eat the beneficial garden bugs.

#3 Honeybees are safe in the hive at night.

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Niki said...

plus, bats are cool