Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd

Today was a busy day....Boy went with his 'girlfriend' and her family to the Aquarium today.  So we were up at the crack of dawn....

I did Boy's outside chores...in the rain...ok...enough with the rain....

I planted another 8 crowns of asparagus for next year.  Did you know that asparagus needs to be cut in the first day after it has emerged?  It does...too much longer and it becomes seed.  A well maintained asparagus patch can last about 20 years!!  We've eaten at least 3 meals with asparagus...and have frozen one day's worth.

I found a new hiding place for eggs.  1 1/2 dozen today...and 5 duck eggs.

The baby chicks are getting bigger.  They now have their grown feathers.  I could take the heat light off of them, but am going to wait a few more days as they are calling for a few more really cold nights.

The kittens are doing well...I put them in a rabbit cage so the big chickens would quite eating their food before they got to it. 

All the rain has made the barn really wet and soggy.  There is a leak in the roof...somewhere up there and there is a pond in the middle of the barn.  There are a few more "ponds" in various areas of the farm yard as well...not exactly where I wanted the pond....but the ducks are loving it.

I am on waiting lists all over the county for animals.  On a waiting list to get 4 turkey poults (babies) next week.  On a list to get 2 beef calves (bottle babies) in July.  Just missed my chance to get a few squealers (baby pigs) yesterday...snap!  Back on the hunt.  Looking for a few reasonably priced goats, a dairy cow (Hopefully in milk, if not, at least bred...sadly, both are expensive and difficult to find),  and a mower.

Tomorrow I will be researching moveable electric fence to put the plans in motion.

Haven't been getting as much done as I would have hoped because I still have frequent "attacks" that seem to take me out...or at least leave me with a doozy of a headache!

Off to go pick up my Boy from his friend's house and hear all about the aquarium.

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Niki said...

Aren't you suppossed to be resting?