Friday, May 13, 2011

So...I'm a little behind...

But it's not all my fault...mostly mine...on the 9th, blogger went down for 3 days...and of course it was then that I had time to try to get back on track.  8 days have gone past, but I will try to get you updated and do better for the next 48 days.

Right now I am importing 1756 pictures off of my camera, because each time I go to take a picture, I have to delete an older one.  It is just slightly annoying most of the time, but I have missed a few cute shots because of it.  (and it is REALLY annoying to my DH when he wants to take a picture!)  And you think I am kidding about the number, but no, really it's 1756, and 5 2o second videos of my Boy's Stormy dog that we lost just over a year ago.

May was gym day for Boy.  I can't remember what else we did, probably not much since I can't remember it.  I've had quite a few not so great days with my TN, so I spend quite a bit of time laying on my bed wishing the pain away.  Sorry to complain...but it is the truth.

May 7th...I think this was the day the garden got rototilled..WOOHOO!  Soon onto planting.  I can taste those fresh tomatoes already.

May 8th, Mother's Day...spent the morning straightening up the house and yard.  Mom, Dad and my sister came over for a Mother's Day / Birthday Picnic.  My dad & sister's birthdays were in April and this was the earliest I have had them out.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill...first time this year!  And corn that I processed last year, "angel eggs" (we don't call ours devilled eggs), brownies and chocolate cake made with duck and guinea eggs (They are great in baking, guinea eggs are not yummy hard boiled.) Missing my grandma!

May to the doctor.  My family physician is very careful and thoughtful.  I really appreciate her.  She increased the diabetes medicine.  And we did a strength test in my legs to assess if there has been any improvement (no) so still dealing with degenerative disc disease, then she is still positive about the Trigeminal Neuralgia, but is sending me off to a neurologist for his specialized input.  She is slightly concerned that there may be something we are missing since I have continued nerve issues in more than just my face.  So I'll be going through tests to rule out other possiblities, namely MS.

May 10th...Boy broke his front (permanent) tooth, so today we spent waiting...for 2 1/2 get worked into the dentist.  They took an xray.  And decided that it isn't broken so bad that it is affecting the nerve, and his big tooth hasn't completely moved down, so we will wait...and we will just have crazy pictures until braces and stuff are done then they will cap it once it is in it's perm. place.  I was able to get a bit of laundry done today and started on another of the 101 in 1001 goals.

May 11th..High Day in Nikiverse...TODAY IS MY COUSIN, BFF'S 40TH BIRTHDAY!!  LOVE YOU! My sister came out and she and my son mowed 4.5 of our 5 acres.  They only left the pasture right behind the barn because there are fences down that you can't see and would ruin the mowers.  They both spent over 6 hours working on it...and it was HOT today.  85*  Boy the yard looks great though!  And Man got our tractor going again.  The poor thing has died and been "beyond repair" so many times!

May 12th...another hot one.  Boy and I spent most of the morning working on getting the garden in.  We came up with a really neat system so I didn't have to bend and really overextend myself.  I had his little kid shovel and would step it into the row, tilt it, he'd drop the seed behind the shovel blade as I lifted it back up and the seed would be in.  He did all the bending and we got lots of rows of beans in, in record time.  We noticed that the potatoes that didn't get dug this year have started volunteer plants.  WOOHOO.  Tomatoes are starting to get in and the tomato cages placed from the start.  Last year, my health went south about mid summer, and the tomatoes got big with no supports and were sprawled all over the ground.  What tomatoes the chickens didn't get, we had to dig under massive vines to get...because the rows were also too close so there was just one large area with vines over every inch.  Not this year!

We have both plants that we have gotten from the garden store and some that we started from seed.  Unfortunately, I started them late this year so they are very small...still I am thinking this will be good because maybe it will extend the season.  We'll see.

May 13th...gym day again.  Sold out of eggs!  I sell about 8 dozen at gym each week.  It was in the mid 80s again today and very sunny.  Gym was at the park and the kids played soccer.  Boy LOVES soccer.  He had a great time.  I got to spend time talking with two of my favorite friends from gym. 

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