Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Expecting....

Chicks, of course! 

Last fall, I downsized the flock of hens that I *though* were no longer laying....I was partially wrong as the egg production went down right after that!  But they've been locked in the coop for the last month, so there are no random laying of eggs in various hiding spots around the farm.  Then in the last chicks from the summer got the idea and starting laying!  WooHOO. 

So what do you do, when your egg production is finally up enough to maybe keep up with the requests?  Take almost 2 dozen and put them in the incubator!  So I have 20 eggs of various colors in the 'bator cooking at 99.5*.  If they are fertile (they should be a have a roo locked in with them!) best I can figure we might get a few chicks around the 7th of February.  {fingers crossed}

Also, I discovered a very diligent mama duck living in the barn.  She sure picked the coldest part of the year to be setting, but ok, then.  Everyday we make sure she has some warm water and cat food. (Higher protein)  I'm not sure when she started setting, but I'm guessing if any of her 4-5 eggs hatch it should be mid-February also.

Copper Maran Eggs
I also have an order in at the hatchery for chicks in mid-February, so if nothing hatches, I will still have some chicks.  Need to get the flock built back up.  I'm ordering "Easter-Eggers" Americanas, and I think some either Rhode Island Reds or Delawares.  I'd love to get 2 of each, but if you don't get at least 11 it's quite a bit more expensive.  If I get a small amount of "expensive" birds it will be Cuckoo Marans.  Their eggs are VERY dark brownish red.  Boy also wants a few silkies again. Still thinking about that.  I'd also love to get a "Copper Maran" but they are like $10 a bird for a day old and the day-olds die so easily that....I don't think so!

Currently we are overrun with ducks and they don't seem to be laying (of course, 6 are still juveniles).  The count is 2 Turkeys, 3 Guineas, 12 Chicken Hens, 1 Roo, (One of the juvenile hens may be a roo...still waiting to see if she starts to crow), 1 Mallard (male) 2 Runner Ducks (female & male) 1 Muscovy Drake, and 10 Muscovy Hens.


CrankyPuppy said...

Stopping by from the Barn Hop. I'm so jealous that you're expecting chicks. My small flock of Barred Rocks and Austrolorps is coming up on 1 year old and I'm having baby chick withdrawal. I'd love to have some Marans also.

And thanks for sharing pics of their eggs. I had no idea they were that dark!

Niki said...

i like those coppery eggs!

Clint Baker said...

My first time and really enjoyed. I will follow and stop back in. I will say growing up on a farm I have never seen such dark eggs!