Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WOW! The forcast today!

EGGS and lots of em!  Finally my "baby" chicks and ducks have figured things out.  Yesterday we got 13 eggs, 4 of which were duck (or turkey, not sure I've actually seen a turkey egg yet)  That means out of the 12 hens, 9 laid yesterday!  WoOHoO!!! 

Also, the forcast for today is 59*.  Really??  On the last day of January?  I realize it is La Nina, but still...we are going to pay for this..in the meantime though....YEAH!!  I'm about to go let the girls free range for the day.  The laying should be done for the day.

I have a good friend coming over for a visit today.  We met in the funniest way.  She came to my yard sale in W'ville forever ago.  Found out she was going to homeschool.  Became email buddies.  She joined our homeschool group.  Then moved to West Virginia . We became Facebook friends and send instant chats from time to time. She has family in our city so she comes up every month or so.  Today, she is going to come out to the farm to see me...and she's bringing her boy that is friends with my boy!  I'm excited to see her again.  Side bonus...the downstairs got cleaned up!

I haven't been blogging as I should....Pinterest has an evil side....it sucks me in, challenges me and then overwhelms me! However, I have been keeping busy.  I will be posting a recipe tutorial in a bit.  I actually made another fun, from scratch dinner that was "blog worthy".  When I try new recipes, I like to actually have them 2-3 times before I post them to make sure that I'm not giving incorrect information.  You'd be proud though...I remembered to take pictures of all the steps!  But Boy is doing math on my computer and I'm on the little netbook, so I will have to wait until later to post it.

Along with the whole Pinterest thing....I know I am supposed to be finding ideas to use the junk I have here, but as I spend time on there, my list of what I will be looking for at yard sales and thrift stores is getting longer! :)  I'm always amazed at the creativity of people.  I feel like I am creative, but I see some of this pictures and know if I had the same pile of stuff, I would toss it out as junk and they make a really pretty "scene."  So I don't even pretend that these are my ideas.  I am totally hijacking someone else. 

EXCEPT....my guys did take me to Goodwill this weekend...I know...month of nothing, but still....I found 5 things and only spent $2.14, and $0.50 of it was boy's and he paid me back.  I am not going to say too much, as I am working on something that actually might be unique and "Pin" worthy!! 

Here's a picture from my back step this morning.....even anti-social Timmy is coming up to the house to see if we have any mice for him.  (Nope!  They're doing a great job!)

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you're up to!! Enjoy your visit!!! :-)