Monday, September 3, 2012

Day off?  Um.....not so much.

Saturday was supposed to be "Get the garden under control" day.  Worked on it after milking for about an hour until thunder took me under the porch cover.  I still worked on pulling old beans off the plants that I had yanked.  These will be next season's seeds.

Then....we discovered something on the well pump burst.  And it ran all night....and emptied the well.  So no water to the barn and coop and everything in the pump house was wet and a mess.  And let me just admit.  You couldn't even really get into the door because we've (me and Boy) have just been putting stuff "temporarily" out there.  So then I spent the rest of the day (and man, it was hot and humid) cleaning out the pump house.  I filled up both trash barrels, the wheel barrel, and a huge pile.

Last Thursday, I filled 12 feed sacks of dirt, nails and junk from the tool room in the barn.  The trash guy will LOVE us on Wednesday.

So here is my list for today:
(I know that if I have a plan, it will get changed!)

  • Make bread
  • milk/cheese/butter
  • roast peppers
  • make bean soup
  • make salsa
  • pick cabbage
  • make saurkraut
  • make coleslaw
  • make cabbage rolls
  • clean out garden
  • mow garden
  • rototill garden
  • replant beans
  • take coveralls and Iona's blanket to laundry mat
  • find out what is leaking on washer
  • laundry (4 loads)
  • price 12 items for 3 bags full
  • answer business emails.
  • call Aunt S about banty's
  • get sweet feed and chicken feed
  • go to the grocery store
  • go to Meijer
  • put out chair
  • clean laundry room
  • picture of Danny
  • brush Kristl (shedding-bad!!)
  • clean out fridge
  • straighten front room
  • vaccuum steps
Here we go.....


Niki said...

I like that you came back and crossed stuff off.
BTW, that looks like a list for 2.5 days, not one. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you didn't call me yet :-)
a lady in bucyrus has a friend getting rid of (free) 20 of those chickens i called you about. jlmk if you're interested and I'll find out more info. I know she was keeping 4 for her that's 16...dunno who else might be interested. but i know you like a variety and FREE is the bestest price! Sheryl

Anonymous said...

you know....i'm thinking you need a few more things to do.....NOT!
methinks you need a clone!