Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Odyssey of Snowball AKA Wiz

Odyssey: a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune .

When we first got Snowball, the white lionhead bunny, it was because we bought more cages and she came with the purchase.  Lionheads were not in the homestead "plan".  Nonetheless, she came here to live..Man has always called her Wizard (or Wiz) which is bizarre as we are not into "that" kind of stuff, but he says that the eyebrows and hair going every whichway made her look like a wise old wizard.  And Wiz stuck, and somehow we got it into our mind that she was a he....

After about a week,  I came into the barn to milk at O'dark:30 only to find Wiz's cage open.  Great!  About a day later, Boy saw him outside and tried to chase him down, only to have him run inbetween rows of our woodpile.  Then part of the pile fell and an upset boy thought he had crushed Wiz.

Fast forward another week, Man calls me on the cell phone while I was at Ace Hardware.  Using his "I don't have good news" voice, he starts a story (also usually not a good sign).  "I went out to check on the rabbits, on my way back from the barn..."  He saw Wiz in the cow pasture!!!  WooHoo!

When we got home we tried to catch her.  Well, yeah, she's been eating on the pasture and say possibly the 80 acre soybean field around us.  So not so interested in the pellets in the have-a-heart cage.  We thought we might put a girl bunny out to entice "him" into the cage...only to remember....despite the name "Wiz" it is a girl. 

Everyday we see Wiz as we walk to and from the barn.  Sometimes she even comes all the way over to the fence near the chickens.  But still WAY too fast for anyone to catch.  And off into the weeds and soybeans.  I took comfort in the fact that she was fine and still around and held the hope that eventually we will catch her.

Until this past Monday, this past Monday was different.  I was on the phone with my cousin....and I looked over and I am sure I heard her (the rabbit, not my cousin) snicker at me.  She stood very tall and proud....and mockingly.  Yes, the rabbit is mocking me!

And the Odyssey continues......


Niki said...

...your cousin was laughing too.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that your cuz can throw her voice....i bet it was her....teeheehee....I can't wait to hear more about The Odyssey...

ps - i'm gonna stop saying ahead of time that i'm coming out to visit. that way it will actually happen!