Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally EGGS!

We had a great month of eggs in December with an average of 12.1 eggs per day.  Then right after the new year...BAM....1 egg...4 eggs....AAAHHH
So we tried all the different things we've read for getting eggs in the winter.  I'm not sure which worked, but something did.  Today I got 16 eggs.  We are back to getting between 10-16 eggs a day!  Yay!  Today is washing day. On Fridays, our homeschool group gets together for gym day, and it's farm "sharing" day

The funny thing about chickens is that if they "hold back" you may end up with a double yoke.  For those of you who are moms, you see this egg and say "ouch".  The egg next to it isn't a "Baby" egg, it would be considered extra large at the grocery store.

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