Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running around town....

My phone died and I didn't take my camera.  Makes me mad because today I had a lunch date with my 95 year old Grandpa.  I really wanted to get some picture of him, too! We had such a good time.  I am finding out things about him that I had never heard about.  I wish I could bundle him up and move him out to the farm.  I've always wanted a multi-generational home. 

I also took Boy to the ortho....again!  That boy is rough on his teeth, popped a front bracket.  I suppose the blessing is that it always seems to happen on a Tuesday, and the Ortho is only in the office on Wednesday, so it works out.

One of my "jar" ladies lives 1/2 mile from the ortho, so took her jars.

Picked up feed.  100 pounds for the Rabbits, 100 pounds of SWEET FEED!, and 100 pounds of chicken feed.   Also soda for the people in the house.

Went to the cell phone store only to find out the battery is $40, to upgrade is $30 plus the cost of the phone (cheapest was $79-basic, not a smart phone!).  Checked Amazon in the middle of the night to find out I can get the battery for $2.54 NEW.  Um, yes please.

Picked up the picture of my counter damage for the crock pot company.  Will get that shipped off on Friday.

Then finally home, only to get the car stuck in the mud while unloading the 300 pounds of feed.  Car splattered with mud from top to bottom.  Boy did get it unstuck, but then I had to run to the car wash to spray off all the mud before it got down to 20* tonight and it froze to the car until spring....

Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic toast for dinner.

Whew...and no pictures. 
But here is one for your viewing enjoyment!  I love chickens! 


Anonymous said...

sounds like a productive day! and WHO was lugging around those 100# bags? i HOPE it was not you!

Niki said...

BUSY day!
Way to get so much done.
Gpa is a dang trip, isn't he?