Friday, March 8, 2013

Comings and Goings

It's been a day of coming and going here on the farm.
This morning I picked up 10 Golden Comet pullets (baby hens), 1 Barred Rock Chicken (I don't know if it's a pullet or a roo, yet). and 10 Cornish Cross Meat chickens. Praying they get through the night in the brooder in the barn.  The last set of chicks discovered that they loved the taste of styrofoam and pecked most of it off the walls of the brooder!!  They have a heat lamp and each other. (and me worrying in the house-grin)
UPDATE:  9:26 pm I'm too much a MOM, so they are now sleeping in the laundry room!

Today, the bunny, Jacob finally found a new forever home. A young man promised to love and spoil him and I feel like he went to a really great home. 
And not coming or going.  She planted herself in the doorway of the barn and just spent the day enjoying the sun. 

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Anonymous said...

bess is conserving energy, i think. besides enjoying the sunbath. so what's you chick & bunny count now? and it's not that you're such a mom - you're protecting your investments! :-) Sheryl