Friday, March 15, 2013

More new chicks....Clearance Sale!

I didn't want to go nuts with lots of chicks this year.  So I talked myself out of ordering 100 from the hatchery.  Then I just got the 21 last week and only 11 of those are potential hens, the other ten are meat birds. 
I got an email last night from one of my favorite feed store said they had 6 different breeds of chicks in.  I HAD to go look.  The one kind that I was going to get from the hatchery was more Americaunas (green layers).  They had some so I decided I'd just get 2-3.  All their birds were $2.99 each which is reasonable.  I only took $12 with me as I have a chicken problem.  I was going to get 2 Americaunas and a Buffy (Man has been asking for more Buffys!!).  But then the guy said, "They're all $2.99 except this second pen of Americaunas.  They are older (so I'm thinking they've been fed so they are more expensive---right?), they are only $1.99 each."

CHING!  So I picked up 6 Americaunas that are basically the same age as the ones I got last week.

Then I took them to homeschool gym with me, and almost every kid there held them! It was a blast.  And I didn't have my camera!  BUMMER!

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