Monday, March 11, 2013

Two more bunnies looking for a home

Well, all of the Lops that were for sale have found new homes.  But I still have people asking about I am going to post the other two rabbits that aren't part of our "breeding program".  When we got our last set of cages, they came with rabbits.  One was "Scottie" as he kinda looked like a Scottie Dog.  He's a full grown Polish Rabbit.  They are very small and have huge eyes.

Isn't he cute??
The other one is "Speckles".  We got "her" from the small animal auction.  She was supposed to be a Broken New Zealand Female.
BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ....thanks for playing...NO.
Male Rex.  We discovered he was a male when we put him in with Black Jack to breed and they both looked at us like "Really? Now what?"

He has really soft velvety (short) fur.  And a really nice personality.  Too bad he's not a she and a New Zealand.  Hopefully I can find a new home for them both really soon.


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