Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Unwelcome Visitor....Disturbing picture!

So our "teenage" pullet hens have started laying pretty consistently (YAY!)  But then all of a sudden they dropped off again.  Now what....well here's what...

I went to collect eggs and saw the shadow in the nest box. I almost reached in as I always grab eggs from under the chickens.  Luckily, my mind registered "That is not a beak but a nose" just as I was approaching the box.  After throwing a bit of a fit (I've discovered I'm not really all that tough when confronted by unexpected critters-be they opossum or mice or whatever-I still scream like a little girl).  I put the feed can lid over the opening and ran for the workshop..

My husband, MY HERO! came out and shot em for me.  We left it in the box until this morning so it might be easier to get out.  And bless his heart, he first "posed" the critter for the blog (Is he awesome, or what?!?) and then took care of disposing of it.

Luckily, eggs are an easy meal, so none of the girls were harmed.  Opossums (what are they Irish?) will bite the heads off of chickens...and eat one or two.  So I'm grateful that they had started laying and he could have a lazy meal instead!!

Hopefully in a few days they will get back up to production!



Sabrina Parrish said...

O'Me!I do not like Opossums, lol Glad you weer able to dispatch him before he made a meal of your chickies!

Anonymous said...

eeewwwwwwww they are such nasty critters! YAY! Man Saves The Day!!! Sheryl

Unknown said...

GROSS!! I would have screamed like a little girl too. :)

kelly said...

Ewwww!! Gross, girl!
They look nasty enough when they're ALIVE!!!! You need a warning on that picture!! *shiver*
Glad he's met his demise, in any case!!

Kerry Aulger said...

Woohoo! Great shot! I hate those things!