Monday, February 24, 2014

Weldon's new stall

After considering how ornery Weldon has gotten lately, I decided that perhaps he should be separated from Hershey (at least for a short time.) There is a gate between the front and back pasture, but he needed shelter too. So after much figuring and labor, he has a new stall off the back of the barn.

The pictures are not great as I took them with the iPod in a dark barn with harsh black light from the doors.  But you get the idea!

These two pictures are looking into the barn from the back pasture.  (These are my friendly meat chickens that want to be apart of everything)
Looking outward.  Hay that is frozen to the ground had to be moved (on the left). Then getting the big pasture gate and long pallet configured and secured as walls that will contain an enthusiastic 400+ pound bull...who was mooing at me the whole time. Apparently if you are in the barn you should be feeding him!

He's settled in well and had his first meal in his new we await Hershey's arrival. 

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