Monday, February 10, 2014

New Milker...

Yesterday, 4 very Heavy Boxes appeared on my back porch.
WooHOO!  It's the milker.  All 105 pounds of it.  Who knew it would come in so many pieces?!?
Only the 3 smallest boxes


This milk can is JUST a bit bigger than I anticipated....umm...just a bit.

We ended up getting a milker that had lots of extras included.  Back brush for one....

Man and Boy helping put the vacuum pump and motor together.

It's still not completely together.  That will be tomorrow's project...while it is in negative temperatures again...Now that the milker is here, soon so will the cows!


Anonymous said...

boxes goin' all "SHINEYYYYY!" LOL i think that will make it much easier for you! once you get the hang of it, of course. always a learning curve :-D LOL what have you been feeding that boy? besides EVERYTHING! i'm thinking he's taller than you now! i was trying to comment on the "strawberry" post but got kicked out and when i refreshed it was gone but this post was in. was crazy! Sheryl

Niki said...

LOVE the pic of you and the brush!!!

Kerry Aulger said...

So exciting!!! Like Christmas all over again at the Wallace Homestead! lol So happy it is working out and you are living your dream. Love you guys!!!