Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the "love day".  All month, I have been putting hearts on my Boy's door and on Man's mirror letting them know things I love about them.

Today we had a chocolate fondue dessert!  Yay, chocolate!'s on the 101 list!  Something to cross off.  Score all around.

Chocolate Fondue: Strawberries, Kiwi, Apples, Grapes, Raisins, Angel Food Cake, Marshmellows, Pretzels, and Warm Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies!!  

I spent the morning cleaning out the pump house---again!  I didn't take a before picture as it was truly shameful.  After my grandfather passed away, we brought home lots of misc. stuff and it just got stacked and stacked into the pump house.  And it would have stayed like that until spring....but....

We received a "grow tent" that I had intended to put up in the cellar with my "greenhouse" shelves from last year.  The tent is 77 inches square...and even though, in theory, I have room down there, one (me) would have forgotten to take into account the duct work that I need to duck for.  Ummm...yeah, so send the tent back and get a smaller one?   Oh look. the pump house has 78 inches wide...Yes, it's very close, but we are going to make it work (I hope).

Tomorrow, I will do ANOTHER thing that's been on my list forever which is recycling all the old computer stuff that is out there.  My Boy has torn all the computers apart, but truly they are so old that even if he created one super computer, it would be so slow, so tomorrow all will get packed and taken down to the computer recycler and clear out space for the grow tent.  YAY!  And I have two bags of stuff for Goodwill.  So overall, it's been a pretty good day!  Tiring, but good.

Hopefully the cows will be coming on Monday.  I'm ALMOST ready for them.  Tomorrow is also another "getting supplies" day in order to be prepared.  God is working this out well.  The forecast is calling for warmer weather next week which will be a blessing as I am trying to learn the milking machine.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to have chocolate fondue! Sounds like you had a terrific Valentines! Praising with you about the warmer weather next week!

Sabrina Parrish said...

Awesome! I know you will be an old hand at milking with a machine in no time at all. It will make things much easier for you, and quicker. :) I am so in awe of all you are getting accomplished, I seem to be stagnating this winter, lol

Niki said...

Well done.