Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm Thankful for...Day 16

I am so thankful for the love and understanding my family has when I am in the midst of a full blown Trigeminal Neuralgia attack/seizure.  They are not only are aware of my pain, they also see some of the habits I have when I'm about to have one.  I'm blessed that they take care of me and all my chores when I can't.

I am also thankful for the support group I've found on Facebook that all have some form of Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I know that my family love me and don't mind hearing me "gripe" about what is going on, but I also know that they want to "fix" it....and there is no fix, at least not yet.  I like that I can go online and read what others are doing for their pain and post and know that they completely "get it".

I am in extreme pain today, so no pictures or fun today.


Niki said...

love you always

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww my poor bunny! i sure wish i could take it away. much love to you! Sheryl