Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Blogoversary Day!!


It's been 10 years of sharing !!!

Since I've started I've posted a total of 909 times

(I actually have 5 blogs, 3 of which are public)

This will be post #678
As of this exact second I have had a total of 27,193 page views!

As you know I am doing a giveaway for my blogoversary!

As a final thank-you, you have tonight to go back a read any posts you might have missed and be sure to comment so you can get your name in the hat a few more times!  You have until NOON tomorrow.

If you are annoyed with my endless plugs of the blog and the Festival, I'm (kinda) sorry.  Some of my 101 goals include having more regular readers, commenters, and likes on the Cackleberry Facebook Page, (and also our Pinterest page) 

So you have helped with my 101 goal list!  Thank you!

Tomorrow at 2:00 pm EST, check back to see who "Rafflecopter" picked as our winner!


teabagfolder Laipply said...

Happy Blogversary!

Elizabeth said...

you made it! Way to go!!!! I've enjoyed the ride.

Anonymous said...

Who would ever be annoyed at your plugging your blog? You are a great blogger! asheryl