Friday, September 16, 2016

Harvest Moon

Today was a very busy day!  

My parents came up for their "farm" fix.  My dad and the Boy made a great display out front and worked on the water situation (The well has not been functioning correctly for almost 18 months.  But it seems to take 3 years to get things  Dad made a temporary fix so we can get city water out to the barn without having to use 7 hoses from the house.  

Man made some awesome "hotdog" sticks for Dad in anticipation of the evening!

Mom and I spent the afternoon getting all of the jellies labelled for the Festival.  And also made a few more jars of jelly (Sweet Tea with Lemon Jelly, anyone?)  And also put up more of our Pepperonicis.  My family went through 1 pint at one meal!!  These are canned for our lovely Festival folks though.  I ran out of labels though, so off to town again tomorrow.

Then Dad started up our little backyard bonfire (not the huge one in the field that also needs burned) and we enjoyed campfire hotdogs and marshmellows as we watched the big Harvest Moon come up.


Anonymous said...

how did you get such good pictures of the moon???? mine always come out like little dots :-/ Sounds like it was great evening! Sheryl

Niki said...

That sounds like such a nice day.
Wish i could have seen the fancy weenie sticks, but i hear they "disappeared".

Elizabeth said...

the display looks so good! Are the chickens leaving it alone? Now, as long as the cows all behave....