Friday, September 2, 2016

More ways to WIN!!

The last few days' blog posts have been short and late...but I appreciate that you are still sticking around to read!!

Keepin in real!  Quatro the kitty lovin on my boots!

I've been getting the gardens cleaned up for fall (and prepared for planting some cool weather crops) and it has been an "all daylight" kind of days. 

Today, I picked my guys up from the airport.  It's nice to have everyone here again.

In other Ford Escape, whose name is Sadie...decided she needs all eyes on her.
Her muffler broke and it's like driving a 747 (or a harley?) down the freeway. 
 I feel all eyes on us now!

(BOY, I can't wait for the camera to get here!

As a THANK YOU for continuing to read along, I want to give you extra opportunities to win the reader prize package.  I've been trying to figure out "Rafflecopter" and all those things, but in the meantime....Here are more ways to get your name in the hat:

*Comment on every post.
*Send a friend over and have them mention you in their comment. (Entry for both of you).
*Share the post on Facebook
*Follow the blog (Wiget on the sideboard) 5 extra entries!
*Follow Cackleberry Hollow / Wallace Homestead on Pinterest
*Repin one of my posts on your Pinterest.

Giveaway will be on the Blogoversary and if you are local you can pick up your prize at the festival -or if you are not local, I will ship it after the festival on October 8th!

Thanks for helping get the word out!


Anonymous said...

Does it sound like (cue deep voice) "Harley Harley Harley Harley" ? Lol. Sheryl

Elizabeth said...

that's a brave boy handling hot peppers without gloves!

Kay Crum said...

Kay Crum said: Can't wait to bring my Grandson tomorrow to see the things for sale & see the animals!