Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Update to Residents....Rabbits!

My parents have been coming over every week and Dad has been knocking out farm chores left and right! And Mom has chopped more than her fair share of onions in the past few weeks!  Many of the things that have been on the list for ages...are now done!  I'm so blessed!  

They surprised me today by coming up and just getting started while I was still out getting feed.  My guys were here so the Boy helped his Pawpa.

"Pawpa" got out the powerwasher and powerwashed the inside of the chicken coop...much to the dismay of the chickens!  

Then he and Boy set to work on the rabbitry.  They got most of the way done before the powerwasher broke.  (Lots of things have been breaking lately!!) The rabbitry looks (and smells) so nice!!

We currently have 19 Rabbits. Most are our breeders.

The newest addition is "Cory" named such because we got him the same day Boy got his "Licence to Drive"  (80's kids might get the reference...)

Cory is going to take over Spot's responsibilities. (But not replace him)
Spot has been here the longest and is Boy's pet Holland Lop, who is also the Lop Herd Sire.
When Cory is a bit older, he will become our new male Lop breeder.

The rest of the herd:

Spot (buck)
Duchess (doe)
Shadow (doe)
Cory (buck)

Tex (buck)

Clyde (white-buck)
Biscuit (white-doe)
Gravy (white-doe-Biscuit's daughter)
Mopsy (red-doe)
Reba (red-doe-Mopsy's granddaughter)

Cali (doe)
Dumbo (for her big, big ears) (doe-Cali's daughter)

Speckles (buck)

Sally (doe)

Sally & Rex's litter of 5

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Elizabeth said...

L<3ve the Rabbit update......but how are those chickens?!!?!?!?!?! Talk about stress! lol Your parents have great hearts. (Not a surprise since they are related to you.) It's wonderful they can come and help you out.