Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's called a "soft opening"

In retail when they open a store with very little fan fair, just to see how it goes, it's called a Soft Opening....then in a few weeks after all the hiccups are worked out, they have the "Grand Opening..."

School started today as a "soft opening."  We've been so busy on the farm and with the CSA and with SALSA...that school snuck up on us.  So this morning there was a scramble to figure out what Boy was going to work on while I had milk delivery and "town day".  Next week (or soon..) I will hopefully have it together and have the chalkboard "First day of School" photos..as this is likely our last year of Homeschool (sniff, sniff).

Here he's working on....um...something...maybe science? at Nana & Pawpa's house.


Anonymous said...

Cute kid!! Oh my goodness...livin all the photos on the wall! Sheryl

Elizabeth said...

"soft opening" - I like that! Ours, however, lasts more than a day. Usually it takes this first week for me to get it in gear. We did do the picture today, but that's about it. First Day of School is mostly just getting and looking at your books, right? finding your desk and classrooms? That's what I'm telling myself anyway. :)

Niki said...

That is part of the upside of homeschooling: you can work school around the farm, even the first day.