Friday, March 5, 2010


Many, MANY friends are dealing with SERIOUS health issues in our circle.  I'm tempted to say...all we can do is pray, but the truth is the BEST thing to do is pray!  So please join us in praying for the following:

  • Praise: Sam is home from his lung surgery.  We went to see him yesterday.  He's in pretty good spirits.  Praying for recovery and strength  before his next round of chemo.
  • Laura: 16 year old friend that broke both leg femurs and will be having surgery...right now to insert rods.
  • Pastor Dave:  Very very ill.  Sent home from Cleveland clinic to be cared for by the family, church and hospice.
  • Brother In Love Dave:  Had his kidney removed yesterday with cancer.  Praying it hasn't spread.
  • Kim: Also awaiting results after surgery to remove cancer.
Please pray for them and two more that I'm not able to mention here.

Here's some HAPPY pictures of Boy and Sam.