Thursday, March 18, 2010

More New Additions..

Today we went and picked up 4 full grown Muscovy ducks. 1 Drake (boy) and 3 hens.  The plan was for ducks to be much later this summer, but there is a move afoot to make Muscovy ownership outlawed after March 31st.  I had to get them before the end of the month so I could be "grandmothered" into the regulations.  If you have them before 3/31 you can keep them for food production.  There is a large group of unhappy duck owners that are already working to get the regulation reversed, but in the meantime.....

The drake is the big one on the left.  He was not happy coming home.  He wouldn't fit in the dog cage with the hens so the breeder just zip tied his legs together and plopped him in the trunk.  Then further indignities, he had to be pulled to the coop on the

The one in the middle has one blue eye and one brown eye.  Then the tan one is a rare color of Muscovy.

The Muscovy's are for "Slug Patrol".  We have a problem with Moles.  The guy at the feed store told me the best way to get rid of moles is to get rid of the slugs as that's what they prefer to eat.  Muscovies LOVE slugs.  They are unique duck in that they don't need a pond/lake.  And they do not quack.  The drake hisses and the hens wimper.  They aren't the cutest things on the farm, but they'll do their job.  Plus I've heard the eggs are great for baking and they are the leanest meat of the ducks.

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