Wednesday, July 17, 2013


After a trying day yesterday, I woke up to find a wagon full of hay in the pasture with Bess.  I had talked to my hay guy yesterday and he said he was going to be baling and would call me after dinner-time.  I went to bed early.

He came by and just dropped the wagon.  (He is a great Hay guy!)  Then my agenda for the day changed...just a bit.  I gave him a call and he needed the wagon back so they were here by 9:20 am to help me unload all the hay.

88* and 45 minutes later...75 bales of great looking hay are stored in the barn for the winter.

Look closely below:  Do you see the Bessy nose? 
Look below you see the Weldon nose??

What's that we smell??? YUM, Fresh Hay!

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Niki said...

super cute pic of bovine noses