Sunday, July 14, 2013

Really??? Humanity can be SO disappointing.

We live near a multimillion dollar operation that owns most of our county.  Our farm is surrounded by their farming operations.  They run a huge shooting range with multiple tournaments each summer.

We've not had the animosity that most of the "locals" seem to have.  That all changed today.  We have a very small home business that we are "eaking" out a living with.  We are not rich.  God is providing what we need and not very much more.  But we're alright with that because we have loved where we are and what we are doing.

There was a big archery tourney this weekend. The range was bringing big tractors with people mover trailers to the woods across the road from us. So we put up our signs along our front yard by the road.  One of the tractors very dilbertly ran over every single one of the signs....if it was an accident, he should not have been driving a people mover!! 

We noticed it after church, and when we asked the one driver he got all obscene about it.  Not a calm, "I didn't do it."  A belligerent venom, obscenity laced reply instead (Yeah, that's not suspect at all.)

So I set all the signs back up, along with another that said "Smile, you're on film" and sat there in the hot afternoon sun taking pictures of each of the drivers to "discourage" it from happening again.

Friends have suggested I go to the management and complain, but I really don't want retribution, nor do I want to move.  I'm still praying as to what to do about this.  It's so maddening that this corporation that is run by one family and it does own 95% of our county and I think even more of our little village, is threatened by our itty bitty business so much so that it needs to resort to bully tactics.  Now I realize you may think I am being a bit dramatic...that it's just one driver...however, it's trickle down.  If the owner respected his neighbors and the little businesses, he would insist that his employees do as well.  If he has a disrespectful attitude, that trickles down as well.
Dear Lord, I'm ready to go!

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Anonymous said...

I think that you should have included the NAME of this company in your blog and I think that you SHOULD contact the owners to let them know about the rudeness of its employees and at the VERY least get an apology for their disrespect of you, your family, and your property. You all deserve nothing less for their misplaced mistreatment of you!!!! MAKE IT SO! Sheryl - The Queen B has spoken!