Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day!

This year we didn't plan on doing much for Independence Day.  Last year, I walked a cow home is 98* heat, milked for the very first time, and then threw a party for 30 people.  The party was fun...but way too hot.

The big gun range/campground that is about 1 mile down the road puts on a great show that we can see perfectly from our pasture.  I had a really hard time, just letting that go. was only 75*...I know how to milk now....etc., etc.

My Boy's Best Friend's family is also our closest friends.  They called yesterday and asked if we wanted to come over for some "redneck" fireworks.  They were great, as was the company, and the vanilla coated popcorn...out of this world.  We took Boy's friend back home with us, and then they came over tonight to enjoy a picnic, the campground fireworks, and then the firework show ala Nana.  (Nana and I drove WAY out of town to go get some fireworks today.)

We had such a blast.  It's the second night in a row I haven't been in bed by 9:30-10.  YAWN!!  It is worth it though!  AND we saw two shooting stars, too.  God's Fireworks!!

Happy Independence Day (OK, a day late!)

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